Adopted rights movement (registered association)

Adopted rights movement was established in 2016 in recognition of the need for the existence of the body to act on behalf of people who were adopted when they were minors. The ultimate goal of the association is to bring real and meaningful change in image and public and legal status of adults who were adopted, while recognizing the long-term impact of its activities and achievements to those adopted and not matured yet.

Operates on a belief that the act is legal adoption of minors does not negate or deny the fundamental rights of those adopted to identify, honor and liberty, freedom of expression and intellectual property as reflected in the Convention on the Rights of the Child of the United Nations and the basic laws of the State of Israel. Rights Basic granted to every child, man and citizen from birth.

Our goals are focused on three main areas:

1. Promoting legislation
The association is working and will work for the development and promotion of legislation in areas relating to the rights of adults who were adopted, including the right to an identity, genetic medical information and freedom of choice and expression.
Even before the official creation of the association were founders launch a process, which will change significantly in Article 34 of the restriction adoption disclosure and publication of the identities of those adopted. Section essentially prevents the existence of a public discourse on the subject of free and open adoption and grossly violates the freedom of expression of all concerned, and especially the adopted adult.

2. Increased awareness and knowledge in the field of adoption retention
The association is working and will work to increase awareness of their rights adopted adult, when this goal will be achieved by holding seminars, conferences, lectures and videos.
In addition, the association will create a "knowledge base" on various issues relevant to widespread adoption, with an emphasis on issues relevant to adoptees and in order to give access to knowledge from all over the world for members of the adoption community, the people involved and elected officials.
At the same time the association will shatter prejudices and superstitious art in the field of adoption to enable an informed public discourse and waiting.

3. Establishing community adopted Israel

The association works to serve as a warm and offered assistance to adults who were adopted. This goal will be achieved by holding social events, networking groups and aid in the realization of rights as much as possible in front of the institutions or in any other arena in which assistance is required.

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